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«All we have is now»

The above sentence is the one that characterizes me more than any other! It's my motto, both in life and in my work! Of course, it took me some time to understand, to feel that "now", this particular moment, is what really matters...

I studied and got a degree in Economics, as well as a degree in Interior Design. Still, I felt that it was something else that "filled" me, that would give me the feeling of (real) personal success.

I decided to volunteer at the "ILITOMINON" NPO (member of the European Organization EFCNI,, which takes care of premature babies and their families and... that's where my journey begins!

charitable action of the organization creating a Mother's Milk Bank was my motive to implement ideas, which until then were just a hobby, a pleasant creative occupation.

Ideas that found materials intended for one use and turned them into something else. Ideas that are useful and, at the same time, absolutely elegant! Simple to Style ideas, made exclusively by hand, led to the creation of the BASIΛEIA brand!

Simple to Style brand "born" together with thousands of premature babies from parents who feel and believe that "all we have is now"!

Vasileia Bouza
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